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Company Profile

Priya's Wellness is a fitness centre which provides all types of health related services to customers like:
  • Weight loss
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Anti aging
  • Increasing Energy levels
  • Increasing Stamina
  • Improving productivity at work
  • Improving Relationships
  • Providing Feel goo factor
  • Spreading happiness
  • Increasing Fitness levels

We provide training in all fitness forms like:

  • Yoga - All types like Power Yoga, Traditional Yoga, Hath Yoga, Ashtang yoga, Ayengar Yoga, Asanas, Suryanamaskar,Pranayams, Meditation
  • Zumba - High intense cardio workout which combines Aerobics, Latin American dance, Bollywood dance, Western dance, Folk dance,
  • Functional Training
  • Martial Arts like Kick boxing
  • Kathak Classical dance
  • Nutrition advice

Besides providing Physical fitness activities we also provide Mental Fitness activities for mental peace and stimulation like Meditation, Laughter clubs, Workshops on Law of Attraction, Success Mindset, Health and Wellness.

We have currently 4 centres in Mumbai - 2 in Versova, 1 in Lokhandwala and 1 in D.N.Nagar Andheri - West. We are very active online. We are currently running a Fitness channel on You tube called "Priya's Wellness".

Our vision is to improve health (Physical and Mental) of billions of people globally by Dec 2016 end. This we are achieving by holding massive seminars and workshops on health and wellness across India and Internationally.

In order to create Health awareness, we have also launched a book internationally "Health is Wealth" available on

In order to provide maximum benefit to our members we offer flexible workout timings in the Morning, Evenings as per their convenience. All our Fitness centres are excellent, provide superb ambience, are spacious with great facilities like mirrors, wooden flooring, AC, good sound system.

Our current Fitness centres are located in Mumbai at:
1) Jay Vanita hall - next to Physioflex gym, Aram Nagar part 2, Behind Ganpati temple, Versova, Andheri (west).
2) Rockstar - 96 Bungalow, Aram Nagar part 2, Behind Mataji ka temple, Versova, Andheri (west).
3) The Soul Studio - Aston building, Near Lokhandwala circle, Andheri (West).

In order to help and reach maximum number of people we intend to build a chain of Priya's Wellness across India and Internationally. In order to provide maximum benefit, we are offering our services at a much affordable cost as compared to the market. We offer excellent packages to our members depending on the duration of package, type of workout and the number of members enrolling.

We also offer one to one personal coaching to clients who are unable to come to our centres by providing fitness trainers ( Yoga / Zumba / Functional training ) at their homes. All our fitness trainers are professional, certified, excellent, provide personal attention, very energetic, friendly, cooperative, result oriented, polite, hard working, authentic, helpful and caring. We offer a very friendly, cooperative, stress free, enjoyable, open environment. We believe in upgradation and development. Hence we take constant feedback from our members, do market research and constantly upgrade our skills.

We are very dynamic. So one among us. Enjoy the wonderful benefits of Priya's Wellness. Join us in our journey.

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